Join the Chick-fil-A Murfreesboro Team

Where Your Career Story Transforms
Into a Legacy

Here, we don’t just offer jobs; we pave pathways to meaningful legacies. Every role you embrace becomes a chapter in a larger narrative of community and impact.

Here’s Your Invitation to Be Part of Something Bigger

At Chick-fil-A Murfreesboro, you’re not just clocking in and out; you’re clocking into a mission, a vision, and a family dedicated to creating moments of restoration, one smile at a time.

Your Growth Is Our Commitment


We Believe in Your Future

We champion your academic goals and dreams, providing benefits and support to further your journey.


We Commit to You

Enjoy a competitive salary, flexible schedules, and additional perks that prioritize your well-being and future.


We Want You to Succeed

Dive deep into our unique Leadership and Business Development Programs, tailored to help you flourish both within and outside our walls.

You Are The Heartbeat of Chick-fil-A Murfreesboro

Here are the core values that drive us:


Effort and Urgency

Every day we give our best. The pace of the business does not dictate the pace at which we move — whether slow or busy, open or closed, front or back. We are always on the move and there is a palpable buzz in the restaurant because of the energy we continually bring



We take care of what has been put under our care for a short period of time — whether it be people, facilities, or resources. The expectation is that when my shift is over or my time here is done, the people, facilities and finances are in a better place than when I started.



Healthy things grow. We believe that healthy team members are continually growing to be better for themselves, each other, and our guests.



We exude positivity. When a problem is presented our response is, “So what? Now what?” — as opposed to a victim mentality of “why is this happening to me?”



It’s not about us. We are here to serve others. In being others-focused, we will be refreshed and built-up. Our job is more about what other people get from us than what we expect to receive from the job.



Nothing else is more important than the guest experience. We drop anything regardless of our position, role, or title to help a guest.

Above All, We Work with Passion

We exemplify all of our core values with great heart, believing that in doing so, we will accomplish our mission of being a place of restoration for all; sandwich by sandwich, smile by smile.

Are You Our Next Team Member?

We’ve been looking just for you, if you share these qualities with us! Are you…

Passionate & Driven

Bring zeal and enthusiasm every day, making a difference in every interaction.


Share our dream of making Murfreesboro a better place, one meal, and one smile at a time.

Excited to Grow

Open to learning, improving, and taking on challenges head-on.

A Team Player

Those who thrive in a collaborative environment, eager to support and be supported.

You Can Make a Community-Wide Impact

Joining our team isn’t just about a job; it’s about amplifying the ripple effect of positive change in our community. From serving guests to participating in community events, every moment here adds to Murfreesboro’s story of restoration and joy.

Become a beacon of change, growth, and restoration in Murfreesboro. Let’s write this chapter together.

Questions About Joining?

Reach out to us! We’re excited to hear from you and help you start this transformative journey.

How Has Chick-Fil-A Murfreesboro been a place of restoration to you?


“Chick-fil-A Murfreesboro is immensely restorative for me. Especially, over this past year. Last December my precious husband began battling through leukemia and a bone marrow transplant for the 2nd time. CFA, Beau, and all my coworkers have stood steadily behind me and my husband and supported us every single step of the way. They fervently pray over my husband and his healing and for that I could not be more grateful. I have never been a part of a workplace that truly cares as much as Chick-fil-A Murfreesboro. For the rest of my life, I will be incredibly humbled and blessed by my time with this company and these people.”

Kyla Cagle – Since 2021

“Working at Chick-fil-A Murfreesboro has been one of the best choices I made in college. I have been able to meet so many wonderful people who love me well. As an introverted person, I was super nervous about starting somewhere new, but I truly felt welcomed in and was able to open up, and was accepted. Because of this, I’ve felt much more confident and comfortable in who the Lord is making me. Working at Chick-Fil-A Murfreesboro feels restoring because of the incredible and loving people that work there with me.”

Seth Woodruff – Since 2023

“I have been able to touch the lives of not only the guests that we serve, but the team members I work with as well. They have also made a huge impact on my life and restored my soul. I have grown so much in my snort tune here from being a team member to now being the Director of Talent development. My leadership team poured. into me and now I get the absolute pleasure of pouring into others and growing them into leadership roles. Chick-fil-A Murfreesboro has been a place of restoration for me and I only hope I can continue to be a beacon of restoration for the lives I come in contact with every day!”

Shelley Hibbard – Since 2021

“Chick-Fil-A has been a place of restoration for me because of the opportunities of not only growth and maturity but fellowship and success to spread joy to guests or team members. Being able to make connections and memories has impacted my view on not only the workplace but my life as a whole. Working toward growing and moving up as a team member has shown me initiative, structure, humility, and what it means to be and set an example for others around you.”

Stephan Stewart – Since 2022

“CFA Murfreesboro is a place of restoration for me because of our guests. I like to get to know the guests we are serving. There are days that I am absolutely exhausted when I get to work but when someone trusts you enough that they tell you what is going on in their life, it’s not just restoration for you but for our guests as well. If our guests leave feeling better than they did when they walked in it’s a great feeling. Sometimes we don’t always know if that’s the case but I strive to make a difference with everyone I come in contact with.”

Stacy Baumback – Since 2021

“CFA Murfreesboro has been a place of restoration through two things. The first and foremost is the people who I work with. Working with your best friends is all anyone could ask for and we have a good time working. We make it fun. The second is the responsibility and discipline it has given me. I’ve matured a lot in the 6 years I’ve worked here and I attribute that to the mentors I’ve had and Chick-fil-A’s standards that push us to be our best.”

Micha Wolfgram – Since 2017